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"My monthly energy charge has been practically halved."

Mail reader Eric Ward was tired of paying too much for his energy, so he decided to take a stand - and was rewarded with hundreds in projected savings. "For a while I had felt that I was paying far too much for my energy," Says Eric. "On seeing the advertised Mail Switch Offer I thought it was something that I could take advantage of, and either take it up or not.

The signing up and switching process was very straight forward. It was very easy to compare suppliers and their prices due to the way they were presented. I was able to come to a decision to switch very quickly.

My monthly energy charge has been practically halved. It is an obvious saving that shows up in our account used for direct debit payments, and helps with any other unexpected bill.

I would without doubt advise others to take the time and the very small effort required to assess the probable benefits a switch could bring."

Brian Grayson is set to save £293

Brian Grayson knew the benefits of switching to be plentiful, but prior to securing a quality supplier at a great price through The Telegraph Big Switch, he found the process of finding a great supplier to be overwhelming.

“For many years I have used energy comparison sites to review and change my energy supplier.” Brian says, “Historically, this was quite easy. Now, however there are companies popping up with no history to enable quality of service comparisons to be made.

Thankfully, The Telegraph switching service (powered by energyhelpline) offered an excellent solution. “The Telegraph service offered seemed to offer to take over this difficult selection activity with the added advantage of a "group" purchasing discount, which I could never hope to achieve alone.

The process was simple as I was under no obligation to take what was on offer and was extremely simple to do.

Energy companies exist to make money and, whilst each may claim they are offering you their best deal, they say nothing about the competition, to maximise their profit.”

I was further impressed when I received the list of deals as it included companies whose name I knew and all the deals were cheaper than I could have obtained directly from a comparison site. I had to proceed!

And Brain will be putting that £293 to good use. “The savings will be used to fund the most deserving thing on my "to do" list. I shall definitely use the service again when this deal ends as it does everything the comparison sites do with even less effort.”

Brain also does not hesitate to share his money-saving methods. “I tell all friends and family what I have achieved and encourage them to do the same.”

Harsukh Joshi

Pensioner Harsukh saved £324 through the Energy Switch Club.

"I first saw your article in Daily Mail stating that if anyone joined your cost saving energy scheme one could save quite a fair amount of money. I thought well no harm in finding more information about the scheme. So I did and I am glad I did. It has saved me a lot of money. When one is a pensioner it helps a lot.

Switching across was the easiest part. It took just few minutes.

I recommended this to a few of my friends and they have all joined. I will continue to tell everyone who comes in my contact.

The savings on energy has helped me in good holiday breaks. At my age I need good holidays."

Diana is putting the £100s she is projected to save towards a holiday!

"The sign up and switching process were very straightforward as it was all done for me. All I had to do was choose the supplier from the ones suggested with the best deals and the rest was done for me. The whole process took a matter of minutes and was very straightforward.

I plan to use the money saved each month towards a nice holiday.

I would thoroughly recommend this service and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again myself in the future. I wish more companies ran cost saving schemes like this one.

Energy suppliers most definitely do not pass on savings to loyal customers any more so I realise now how important comparing rates is."

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